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Here at KyKy's we’re passionate about baked goods, and we don’t mind shouting it out so the whole world can hear us! Our Online Bakery was founded in 2018 by Kyla Ford, and we’ve been committed to serving up delicious goodies to all of our customers ever since. While KyKy loves to spend her free time (let’s be real, what free time!) keeping fit by working out and cooking up healthy meals, she also loves her sweet treats!

“..if you are going to have a treat, it’s gotta be worth it!”

What started off as a hobby to try and perfect the BEST cookie, many test batches later 
(thanks fam!), Kyla came up with the 'Kookie'. A cookie that is ‘Crispy on the outside, Soft & Gooey on the inside’, with a variety of unique flavours, various delicious mix-ins throughout, and stuffed with handmade fillings, Kyla is proud to say that she has created her dream treat, Kookies!  Now, we have the goal of sharing KyKy's delicious treats with as many of you amazing people as possible.  Please, treat your tastebuds to the luxury experience of KyKy Kookies!


After years of dreaming (& a whole lot of hard work, little blood, sweat, and yes..tears), KyKy's will be opening a storefront in Etobicoke where you can get COOKIES & ICE CREAM! .. yes, TOGETHER! ... We don't know about you, but no treat is better than cookies and ice cream! :)

At KyKy's we will be serving up our signature gourmet jumbo Kookies, Kookie Pies, Kookie Kakes, Canada's favourite Ice Cream -- Kawartha Dairy, Kookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, Kookie Sundaes, and so much more!!

Location is 195 Norseman St. Unit 1 in Etobicoke. We are excited to welcome you at KyKy's and cannot wait to meet you in person!!

Baked With Love

We bake with the finest quality ingredients that we can get our hands on, and we are proud to be using local Ontario ingredients whenever we can! When you are enjoying your Kookies, you are not only supporting a female owned, small business based out of Ontario, Canada, you are also supporting a number of other Ontario owned businesses. 

KyKy's are meant to be shared, although, we do not blame you if you enjoy them all to yourself! Kookies are 6+ oz. each and can serve up to four people per kookie, just cut and share. KyKy's are about 4 times the size of an average cookie,.. go big or go home, right?!


Our menu items are our trusted favourites; and specialty flavours rotate seasonally.

We also cater to special events, and corporate gifting. If you are interested, please head over to our catering page, or shoot us an email to place a gifting order.