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KyKy's only use the finest ingredients, aiming to use local, natural, organic ingredients whenever possible to ensure top quality, and leave your taste buds wanting more! All Kookie bases are preservative free because we keep the crap out and keep the delicious goodness in!

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KyKy's use natural, GMO free flour to bake up some dang delicious baked goods.

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We use butter! REAL BUTTER, no margarine, vegetable oil, shortening, crap.. just good ol' butter, because it is so darn delicious, and you can taste the difference!

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KyKy's use local farm fresh Ontario eggs. Fun Fact: Did you know that nearly every essential nutrient that your body needs can be found in an egg? One large egg packs 14 essential nutrients!

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Every baked good needs a little bit of sweetness, right? KyKy's use natural, non-GMO cane sugar in the perfect amount to ensure that your Kookies are not overly sweet, but just right!

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This pure organic vanilla that KyKy's uses adds depth of flavour and richness to our Kookies. We will never use artificial vanilla flavour in our Kookies, as we believe that quality makes all the difference!

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Smooth, velvety chocolate that melts in your mouth... that's what we're talking about! KyKy's only uses the finest quality chocolate that we can source. With multiple types of Belgian chocolate in our kookies, we use six different types of Chocolate in our kookies to ensure that you get the perfect bite. Included in this list of Belgian choclates, Milk and Dark chocolate, two types of White chocolate, Caramelized chocolate, Ruby chocolate. YUM!